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study_f_om_home_at_ics_lea_n_inte_national_co_espondence_school [Team Zero]

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id=“mod_12993102”>ICS distance learning (International Correspondence Schools) provides online courses for students who will rather study from home. First founded in the United States in the late 1800s and referred to as Correspondence Schools, its branch which opened in the United Kingdom at the turn of the 20th century now serves as its headquarters and has an enrolment of thousands of students from about a hundred countries all over the world.

Not unlike today's form of online education, enrolling for correspondence courses over a century ago, though through mail services, is the pioneer of what we now know as distance learning.

Unlike many distance learning schools, getting an education through ICS distance learning courses is affordable, especially when compared to the exorbitant costs of on school campus education of today. Learning is easy and flexible, schoolsindia and students receive great support from not only designated tutors but from a highly effective student's online interactive community.

The ICS course study is planned to be convenient for each individual student because the study provides all the necessary information and educational materials that a student will require before, during, and sometimes even after successful completion of a course.

Enrolling for ICS Courses Enrolling for a course doesn't require any prior experience and many do not necessarily require qualifications. However, some of ICS courses require that students own learning tools and equipment like a computer, a laptop, or a notebook, including full access to the internet.

When these necessary requirements are met, enrolling students won't need anything else because all course materials needed will be provided for by the school. Further information on what may be required by each student, depending on the chosen course, can be found in the Technical Requirements' section of the course pages.

After enrolling and payments are processed, the necessary course materials will be delivered to students within a few days.

Costs of Study

The cost of study varies widely, depending on the course and the qualifications that students expect to get on completion of the education. You will find the price for each individual course indicated on the web page dedicated to that qualification.

Most of the international correspondence schools offer convenient payment plans subject to a minimum deposit, so you can enrol for a course and only pay a fraction of the fees after an agreed upon payment terms, but substantial savings can be made, if you decide to pay for the entire course in full.

Study Duration

ICS distance learning course duration varies from one course to another. The time it takes to complete the course will always depend on how much time a student has to devote to learning each day and each week. However, most students complete their course study within one year to eighteen months, but there are a number of courses that require longer periods of studies.

Study Methods of ICS Distance Learning School Courses are planned and developed to allow students to study on their own terms, in their own time, whether from home, from the office, or even from a public library.

There are over a hundred courses and thousands of subjects with the schools offering everything from GCSEs, A Levels, and Diplomas, to BA, BSc., MA, and MSc degree programs, plus they offer professional qualifications in associations with professional bodies and institutes.

Courses are available for overseas students from any part of the world and all courses are distance learning based. This means you can study in your own time and at your own pace. Some of the courses offered by ICS distance learning schools include, but is not limited to the following:

Creative & Interest


Interior Design


Creative Writing

Study Skills

Fashion and Beauty

Creative Designs

Animal Care



Writing Books for Children

Makeup artist

IT Technical Courses

Systems Operations

Programming & Games Design

PC Basics, Maintenance & Repairs

Web Technology

Digital Media

Degrees Courses




Health & Social Care

Education Studies

English & History

Vocational Courses

Construction, Trade & Engineering

Travel, Hospitality & Retail

Beauty & Fitness

Business & Management

Care & Education


Accountancy & Finance

Purchasing & Supply

Personnel and Development


Project Management

Career Toolkits

Continuous Professional Development

GCSEs & A Levels


A Levels

A Level Revision Packages


ICS Examinations

Most ICS Diploma courses don't require an examination, but what is required is a continuous assessment of each individual student, but there are some courses that require that enrolled students must sit for a few exams. Students will, however, receive information beforehand about what exams to take and when to take them. The information will be relayed electronically, in their first study shipment.

Student Support at ICS Learn It is gladdening to know that distance learning doesn't mean you will be studying in isolation. Because you are studying off-campus does not mean you are studying alone. Students can contact the school's Student Advisers who will give practical assistance throughout the course, including granting access to online student community chat rooms.

ICS Learn online student community has been designed to allow students interact with and learn from other international correspondence students, members and education experts, including getting involved in interactive discussions and having access to an online research library. Students will also be able to voice their opinions through students' surveys.

For paper-based studies, students benefit from the support of experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable tutors. They will mark students work, comment, and provide feedback and encouragement by answering any questions students may have during the course of their online education.

Further reading:

Distance Education - Pros and Cons of Online Study

Benefits of Studying from Home at ICS Learn Being a distance learning course, students can learn and study wherever they are and whenever they wish. And the best thing about 'attendance' is that one need not give up a current job or family commitments to a study at correspondence schools online.

If you are a student, you will get full support to make your studies easy to implement. All your paper-based subjects can be split into smaller modules made up of clearly identified study units which you can then work through at your own pace.

After you complete each unit, you will get test papers sent to you online. Depending on which course it is, you will receive them by fax or by courier services. Your tutor will expect you to complete it and send back to him or her for marking and grading. The tutor will then return the test papers with his/her marks and comments. With the successful completion of each module, the student is then ready for the next one.

For more in-depth information on ICS Learn, and for a complete list of all the courses the international correspondence school offers, please visit their website at ICS Learn.

© 2011 viryabo

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5 months ago

That´s wonderful Lewis. Best wishes.

Lewis T. Wesley

5 months ago

I do want to do a correspondent course with ics now


5 months ago

You will find details of all the courses available, including financial accounting with this link - icslearn.co.uk


5 months ago

send details to me about financial accounting

Edwin Sumabat

6 months ago

do you have engineering courses?


7 months ago

Hello Dickson.

Please contact ICSLearn as I stated in the article. You will get the whole list of courses offered.

Dickson Phiri

7 months ago

do you offer media studies or journalism?

David Beningi

8 months ago

Do you have course for Refrigeration and air conditions


9 months ago

Jennifer, ICS Learn does not offer nursing. Try and search for “online school for nurses”. You will find schools that offer the course online.

Jenifer pleños

9 months ago

Do you have a course nursing?


9 months ago

Hello Arsenio,

You will have to get in touch with Elsa Support website They are the one to give you details of how to receive your TOR.

I hope this helps.


15 months ago

Hello Elizabeth,

Please follow this link to enrol. . . website

Elizabeth Mari

16 months ago

How can I enroll?


16 months ago

Hello Rezel

Please visit the ICS Learn site. You will get further instructions there.


Best wishes.

Rezel Lumba Pabu Aya

16 months ago from N-146 Medalla Milagrosa, Buhangin, Davao City

Hi, ICS. I'd like to enroll. I'm from the Philippines. I graduated a two-year course “Computer Hardware Technology. I am a missionary in our church. Our job is to reach out people especially those who are living i remote areas. There are times that we have mission trip abroad. I would like to enroll for “Psychology”.but I don't know how will earn this knowledge.Hoping for your kind consideration. God bless.


17 months ago

i want to study in college here in the


19 months ago

Hello, Thata,

Please get in touch with ICS and state your case of loss of documents. I am certain that they will be able to advise you on what steps to take to obtain documents you may have lost.

They are the only ones that can be of assistance for your case.

Best wishes.

thata maquiling

19 months ago

Hello Sir/Madam,

I would like to request your kind advise how can I reproduce a copy of my ICS documents. I am graduated on March 1993 of Mechanical Engineering, unfortunately all my ICS documents enclosed to an ICS blue attache-case issued to me by ICS was accidentally lost when our rented house in my place was demolished due to road widening, and during that time I was working in Caloocan City Manila as a Manufacturing Plant Maintenance Engineer. Now I need those document to support my new job challenge. please kindly advise.

please send your precious advise to my email; tmaquiling@ymail.com

thank you

respectfully yours

Beatriz Pilongo

19 months ago

what should i do to continue my studies?


19 months ago

@chenah, when you visit the site, you will find what's required, after you input your course of choice.

@Beatriz yes you can.

@sara jean, It's actually not my school, but rather, an International Correspondence School that is known worldwide called ICS Learn.

Beatriz Pilongo

19 months ago

can i continue my business accounting course?


19 months ago

what are the posibilities or requirements needed in order to enroll?


20 months ago

Hello Mary Grace.

It depends on where you reside and if you want to enrol online or at an on-campus school.

However, If you Google - “where to study stenography in…..” - and add which state or region you want to study (where the dotted lines are) you will get answers.

Meanwhile, you can try this link - website

Hope it'll lead you to answers you require.

Mary Grace Caballero

20 months ago

Hello..how can i enroll to study stenography?? I have a degree in business administration.pls help


20 months ago

Janis, you can enroll at ICS again to finish up your Hotel and Restaurant Management course if you still wish to.

To answer your 2nd question, yes, you can enroll again for a different course.


20 months ago

Hi. I took up Hotel and Restaurant Management in ICS back in 2007 but i was not able to finish the course. I was not able to continue with my studies after ICS. My question is, if it is still possible for me to enroll in this school again. Also, i am interested in taking up another course. Is this possible?


2 years ago

Hello Joan

As I told Cynthia below, you can visit ICSLearn and start from their.

Hope this helps.


2 years ago

Cynthia, go to website

You will start by filling in your preferred course and proceed from there. You'll get all the info you require pertaining to your course choice.

Hope this helps.


2 years ago

Hello David. I'm sorry for the late reply. Yes, ICS will consider.

David Fallarna

2 years ago

Hi.My daughter wanted to continue in college in Bachelor of education..Are you offer online education and be able to consider the units she has taken?


2 years ago

Hello Wilfredo

I am certain you will be able to start off from where you stopped your ICS study.

All you'll need do is write them about why you stopped and that you need to commence your studies now.

I hope this helps

Wilfredo Melliza Deriada Jr.

2 years ago

Good Day!

I am already started studying at ICS years ago, but due to financial constraints and some serious personal problems it was cut off though I am interested to continue the study, could I make it to continue the course which I started at ICS?


2 years ago

Hello Cherry,

Please visit . . . website . . . where you can find out about correspondence courses on Health and Social Care.

I hope this helps

All the best. :)


3 years ago

Dionisio thanks for stopping by.

I'm not quite sure of your question. Which school of architecture did you study? I Know it's not ICS because they don't offer architecture.

Secondly, ICS Learn is not my school :) It's a correspondence school that's for online study wherever you may be.


3 years ago

Thank you for dropping by Naurah Sarah. You can find more details on how to register at ICS at website

Hope this helps.

Naurah Sarah @ Lim Gek

3 years ago

Add Your Comment.. please send me a application form. As I want to study interior design.

stanford greene

5 years ago

trying to find transcript from ics learning system


8 years ago

That is the beauty of Home courses/ICS. Communication can be through email,phone, etc. because your tutors will be constantly there for you at any time and from anywhere.

So, yes Bdouble, you can definitely keep in touch with your professor through email, and you can guarantee that you will receive a timely response because that is what they are there for. To tutor extensively through distance learning.

Best of luck.


8 years ago

Is it possible for me to keep in touch with my professor through e-mail? Will I get a timely response?

Distance Learning Student

8 years ago

Online education is the fastest-growing segment of the education field


8 years ago

Good introduction for those interested in distance learning! Thanks for the hub!

Online Student

8 years ago

This is the wave of the future, guys, the (positively) Brave New World.

Welcome to it.

(I coulda told you this nine years ago, when I started teaching on-line !!)


8 years ago

Thanks Agent007.

Now education is soon going to be available to all those interested in pursuing one. And become very affordable too.

That's really great news.



8 years ago from Florida

It's definitely good that technology is bridging the gap for people who don't have access to an education. Great article!

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